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  • Gravity-defying wireless speaker with 360-degree stereo sound
  • Bluetooth 4.0 for low-energy consumption
  • Portable with a battery backup of 8 hours; works without the base
  • Built-in LEDs for setting soft ambient lighting

  • Bluetooth: Version 4.0
  • Wireless Range: 10 Meters (33 Feet)
  • Speaker: 3W RMS
  • Speaker Battery: Rechargeable 600mAh
  • Play Time: Up to 8 Hours (at 70% Volume)

Revolutionary Floating Speaker

Luminescent is no illusion, but pure science! The only thing between the speaker and the base is air. The speaker and the base contain powerful opposing magnets, which repel the speaker and floats it about 10mm above the base, creating the amazing levitating effect.

Set the Mood with Music and Lights

Luminescent has multiple LEDs built in the floating orb above the speaker. The soft translucent silicone cover diffuses light from the LEDs, emanating a soft, warm light, perfect for setting the mood with some great music. With a low and high intensity mode, you can adjust the brightness of the LEDs or turn them off completely.

Simple, Easy-to-Use Controls

Luminescent is easy to control. To balance the speaker, you need to hold it about a centimeter above the base until you feel it getting caught in the magnetic field. Pairing the speaker to your phone is even simpler. Just connect your smartphone to the speaker via Bluetooth and you’re good to go. With a control radius of up to 33 feet, you can place Luminescent pretty much anywhere you want.

True 360° High-Fidelity Sound

Luminescent’s unique design reduces sound wave absorption into surfaces by levitating the speaker above the base. With a powerful 3W RMS speaker, everyone can enjoy the same high-quality, distortion-free stereo sound anywhere in the room.

Automatically Adjusts for Minor Bumps

The magnetic base creates opposing magnetic fields that help levitate the speaker in midair. A set of computerized electromagnetic coils in the base continuously adjust the magnetic field to compensate for bumps and disturbances in the air.

Carry Your Music with You

Luminescent can also be used without the base. The speaker has a magnetic base, and can be attached to all kinds of metal surfaces. With a battery backup of 8 hours and employing the updated Bluetooth 4.0 specification, you can rest assured that the speaker will play your favorite tunes all day long.

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