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An amazing device loaded with fun. Its all-in-one design ensure the ultimate in convenience and portability. Simply pair via Bluetooth to any table or smartphone and start playing songs from any karaoke app that can be found on YouTube or App Store/Google Play. Sing individually or add more units for a sing along. It’s a great way to get a party started or as a way to enjoy an activity with your family and friends.

  • Connects to any smartphone or tablet
  • Works with all Karaoke Apps on App Store & Play Store
  • Bluetooth Speaker with wireless mic
  • Portable
  • Rechargeable Battery

Portable Karaoke Station

Break into your favorite song or sing along with your friends anywhere with Magic Karaoke, a portable Bluetooth karaoke system with built-in speakers and high-quality microphone with a double-mesh cover for filtering out wind noise effectively. The built-in rechargeable battery gives you up to 7 hours of fun karaoke time.

Turn Any Place Into a Karaoke Party

Magic Karaoke is simple to use. Connect to your smartphone over Bluetooth. Run your favorite karaoke app or simply play any song from your device. And sing along. The high-definition microphone and built-in speakers ensure that you wouldn't need extra, bulky accessories for your Karaoke Night.

Multiple Effects to Jazz it Up

Magic Karaoke features cool voice-enhancing effects such as Echo, Bass and Treble, turning you into a superstar singer with just a flick of a button. Not only that, you can even record your crooning with any Karaoke app for playing back at a later time. And when not singing your heart out, you can use Magic Karaoke as a high-quality Bluetooth speaker..

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