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  • Compact Design That’s Lightweight yet Very Strong
  • Elegant Wood Finish Surface
  • Anti-Slip Soft Pad to Relax Your Wrist
  • Highly Efficient Heat Dissipating Design
  • Turn Your Table, Desk or any Surface into a Standing Desk

Magical Fact

Throughout the ages the likes of great leaders, artists and novelists have used the Standing Desk. Leonardo Da Vinci who brought us masterpieces such as The Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, did so whilst using a Standing Desk. And there’s good reason too. Excessive sitting leads to a cascade of negative effects. A recent study found that men who sit for more than six hours of their leisure time each day had a 20% higher death rate than those who sat for three hours or less.

Increase Your Productivity

In the past couple of years, studies have come out about the alarming ill effects of excessive sitting. Throughout history, great thinkers, leaders and artists have favored the standing desk. These men knew the benefits of working while standing. Not only does it help increase your focus but also promotes your body to burn more calories when compared to working in a seated position.

All-in-One Design

Keeping in mind today’s technologies, Merlin’s EZDesk has been designed to not only act as a sturdy standing desk but it can also be used as a multi-functional laptop stand. With the option to adjust height, EZDesk lets you switch easily between standing and sitting in a swift using the quick-release switches.

Keeping Functionality in Mind

EZDesk comes with a powerful laptop cooling fan and aluminum mesh that’s highly efficient in dissipating heat from your laptop. Now you can work comfortably without worrying about your laptop heating up your lap. EZDesk can also be easily tilted up to 30°, so that you can use it for watching movies in bed.

Portable and Easy to Carry

Despite being sturdy and durable, EZDesk is surprisingly lightweight. Made of lightweight aluminum and fiberboard, EZDesk folds inwards in a couple of seconds, allowing you to carry it anywhere with ease. With an elegant wood finish design, EZDesk supports laptops that are 17 inches and smaller.

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