Miracle Star HD Projector


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It is equipped with intelligent noise reduction.

It comes with very easy/profession calibration.

HDMI transmission is with very low latency which gives a sharp picture quality with full brightness and original color management.

It is also contains new software for moving image processing for clear and sharp image for wonderful viewing experience.

In stock


Miracle Digital Star HD Projector Supports full HD display technology is LED light Source. It has a optical coated Hi-Definition lens. Star HD projector has a brightness of extra bright 1200 lumens with a native resolution of 340*360 and compatible with 720px/1080px.

Star HD projector has a screen size of starting from, 40 inches to 120 inches diagonal. It has a projection matter freint desktop/Rear desktop/ freint celling/ Rear Celling.

It has a input user interface of HDMI/USB/AV. It also has a output interface jack for headphones.

Star HD projector is Eco-friendly and consumes only 32W. The screen output Ratio is 16:9. It comes with the small body which can be carried with you everywhere. Star HD projector comes with FHD decoding and supports 1080px.

Star HD projector can be connected through the AV input by the Television/DVD Player. It’s HDMI connection can be connected with Laptops/ Sony Play Station/ TV Android Box. It also has feature of USB disk connection and Mobile Hard disk connection. Speaker and Headphones can be Connection Through AUX.


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